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1992 Michigan AHI (Schutt) Game Used Team Issued Football Helmet

Helmet Model, Date, Size      AHI (Schut)  Pro AiR II Size Large 1992

Attributed To


Exterior Wear

     Light  wear. Paint Transfers
Facemask Model, Date      Schutt OPO dated 1993


     Light wear


     Schutt clips/screws dated 1993
Logos      Painted Wings and Stripes.  Proper color for 1992.  Correct shape and placement.  
Game Decals      Warning label on rear.
Interior Decals      AHI Factory label, warning label.     


    Original Schutt style single bladder - Pro AiR II


    Original - Light wear
Jaw Pads     AHI 7/8" 
Chinstrap     None
Identifiers     None  
Authentication/Source     M-Den
Helmet Final Grade

(RSA 100 pt Grading System)


1992 Michigan AHI Game Used Team Issued Football Helmet

Price $399.99

"a nice 1992 Michigan Football helmet.  Originally sourced from M Den"

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