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Oakley Football Shields

Brian Dawkins, Champ Bailey, Clinton Portis, Sean Taylor, Lavar Arrington, and many others wear eye shields... so why not install one to your own helmet.  Real Stuff Sports is the leading supplier of Football Eyeshields in the United States.  Whether customizing your collectible helmet, or installing one to the helmet that you wear on the field, Real Stuff Sports has the eye shield for you.  Choose from either Oakley or Z-Leader.  Both brands are used in the NFL as well as by every College team in the United States.  With over 700 shields in stock, we offer every style from the clear, to the reflective "mirrored" tints.  YOU ONLY GET ONE SET OF EYES.  PROTECT THEM, AND STAY IN THE GAME.

With the addition of the colored shields, you may now choose the shield best suited for your on-field lighting conditions.

Shield Only- $39.99 Shield Only- $39.99
Installed Shield- $44.99 Installed Shield- $44.99
Oakley Football Shield (CLEAR)

Indoor or Outdoor Use

Oakley Football Shield (60% GREY)

Medium/Bright Light

Shield Only- $39.99 Shield Only- $39.99
Installed Shield- $44.99 Installed Shield- $44.99
Oakley Football Shield (VR28)

Medium Light

Oakley Football Shield (YELLOW)

Very Low Light

Shield Only- $39.99 Shield Only- sold out
Installed Shield- $44.99 Installed Shield- sold out
Oakley Football Shield (BRONZE)

Medium Light

Oakley Football Shield (BLUE)

Bright Light

Shield Only- $39.99
Installed Shield- $44.99
Oakley Football Shield (PERSIMMON)

Flat/Low Light

Click Here for Z Leader Football Helmet Shields

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