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Below are a list of Frequently Asked Questions. 

If your question is not listed, please contact us.

When attempting to purchase multiple items in my shopping cart, only the last item that I have added shows up.  All previous items that I have added to the cart are gone. 

Your computer settings are not allowing you the ability to place multiple items in your shopping cart.  You can change these settings very easily. 
While on our site, go to the top of your computer. 
Click on Tools
Click on Internet Options
Click on Privacy
Set to "Accept all Cookies."
Click on Apply
Click on OK. 
That should take care of the problem. 

I am nervous about using my credit card while on the internet.  Is your site secured?

Yes, our site is fully secured.  You may enter your credit card information with trust and confidence. 

I have purchased an item on the site with an "Electronic Rebate."  How does your rebate work?

When you make the purchase on our website with a rebate, you are charged the full amount of the item.  When you receive the item, there will be an invoice.  On the top of the invoice is a rebate number.  To file the rebate, go to our site, click on rebate program on the left.  Fill out the short form using the rebate number on the invoice.  Click on the submit button.  Your credit card is then credited back for the amount of the rebate.  It is that easy.

I noticed that you offer custom helmets of NFL players.  (Nice work by the way.)  I already own some helmets that I would love to have customized.  Can you customize my helmet(s) even though I did not purchase it from you? 

You bet.  Although we question why you would ever purchase a helmet anywhere else, we will gladly customize it to the player that you want.  Almost half of the helmets that we customize, are for customers that have previously purchased a helmet from us (or another dealer) and now wish to add the finishing personalized touches to it.  If the helmet has been signed, extra care must be taken when shipping the helmet to us.  We will give you instructions at that time.  As all customized helmets are different, just contact us and we can give you a quote.  Likewise we can also re-create the helmet that you wore on the field during your High School glory days.  Drop us an email and let us know what you are looking for.

I own a small card shop (retail store, flea market booth, fund raising company, etc.) and would love to carry your products.  I noticed that you offer dealer pricing;  how do I become  a Real Stuff reseller?

Yes, we have many dealers across the Country that we ship to on a regular basis.  We give dealer pricing on all of our products.  Simply email or fax to us your request along with your business license or tax ID number, and we can get you started.  Welcome aboard. 

I play football at a small college (High School, Adult League, Youth League, etc).  Are the helmets that you carry able to be worn during contact play?  What about the masks, visors, etc?

Although the authentic "licensed" NFL and NCAA helmets that we offer are the same ones that are worn on the field, since they have not been properly sized to your head, they should not be worn for contact.  Although not listed on our website, we do offer on-field helmets.  Please contact us if you need a helmet to wear.  The masks, visors, and other equipment that we offer can and is used on the field.  The majority of the masks and other equipment that we sell, is sold to players (and parents) in high school, college, and  professional  football leagues, for use on the field.    

You sure know a lot about football helmets.  Do you also collect them?  Do you purchase or trade for helmets? 

Yes.  I personally collect signed NFL helmets, vintage football helmets (1950's - 1980's)  as well as a collection of game worn NFL helmets.  I restrict my purchases and trades to the vintage and game worn helmets, due to the fact that all of the signed helmets in my collection have been done so "in front of me."  What do you have?  Contact us and let us know.   We have traded with and bought from many collectors as well as high schools over the years.  Many times a school or coach will contact us.  They have older helmets or facemasks stored away that they can no longer use.  We have traded new helmets and masks for their old, vintage helmets and masks, which saves the high school money to spend on other equipment. 

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