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Schutt DNA-Pro Adult (Varsity) Football Helmets




Award Winning Padding Design

All Colors and Masks Available

Black Padding and Chinstrap

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The award winning Schutt DNA Pro Helmet features a thinner, lighter military-proven protective cushioning material, while providing unsurpassed comfort for players of all sizes.  Chosen as a 2004 Sports Product of the Year Finalist, it is one of the best football helmets on the market today. 




Spherical shape to allow for glancing blows on helmet-to-helmet hits.

Treated with Ultra-Fresh® to inhibit growth of bacteria, mold and mildew, that cause odors and stains.

Rust resistant stainless steel hardware.

Functional ventilation system allowing for air flow to keep players cool.

Specifically designed contours to provide a unique look and add corrugation to increase strength and durability.

SUREFIT™ Slots to allow for inside fitting chin straps.

SKYDEX™ Cushioning Components.

SKYDEX™ is smarter than foam. It does not break down like traditional helmet foam and remains consistent in performance after tens of thousands of impacts. This provides the player with a consistent fit all season long. SKYDEX™ is bacteria, mildew and fungal resistant.

SUREFIT™ Air Liner

Unique SUREFIT™ Air Liner system incorporates soft comfortable fit foam to provide the player with unsurpassed comfort.

Because of the performance capabilities of SKYDEX™ components in the Schutt™ DNA™ we have designed the technologically advanced SUREFIT™ Air Liner. This allows the Schutt® DNA to be fit on players without the need for fitting components.  Helps reduce fitting time and reduce investment in fitting parts.

SUREFIT™ Air Liner is a 2-part system. The lateral air liner custom fits the back and sides of the helmet to each player. The crown air liner fits the top of the helmet.

Std colors include:  Black, Columbia Blue, Kansas Blue, Royal Blue, Cardinal, GB Gold, Sunflower Gold, Gray, Dark Green, Kelly Green, Maroon, Navy, Burnt Orange, Purple, Scarlet, White, Dallas Blue, Met. Light Gold, Met. Old Gold, ND Gold, Metallic Silver

Custom Painted Colors include:  Met. Vegas Gold, Black, Met. Black, Navy, Met. Navy, Columbia Blue, Kansas Blue, Met. Kansas Blue, Royal, Met. Royal, Cardinal, Met. Cardinal, GB Gold, Sunflower Gold, Denver Blue, Burnt Orange, Met. Burnt Orange, Met. Dark Old Gold, San Fran Gold, Dark Green, Met. Dark Green, Kelly Green, Met. Kelly Green, Maroon, Met. Maroon, Ex. Bright Met. Silver, Oakland Silver, White, Met. White, Ex. Bright Met. White, Tampa Pewter, Arena Pewter, Purple, Northwestern Purple, Scarlet, Met. Scarlet, Ex. Bright Met. Scarlet. 

Pearl Colors include:  Pearl Royal, Pearl Scarlet, Pearl Navy, Pearl Black, Pearl Kansas Blue, Pearl Cardinal, Pearl Dark Green, Pearl White, Pearl Kelly Green, Pearl Maroon, Pearl Gold, Pearl Orange, Pearl Purple. 

Kandy Colors include:  Kandy Maroon, Kandy Dark Green, Kandy Kelly Green, Kandy Navy, Kandy Purple, Kandy Scarlett, Kandy Kansas Blue, Kandy Royal, Kandy Cardinal.



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