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Game Used Julius Jones 2006 Dallas Cowboys THROWBACK Helmet


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Game Used Julius Jones 2006 Dallas Cowboys THROWBACK Helmet

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DESCRIPTION NOT UPDATED YET. CHECK BACK SOON. Marcus Spears. A 2004 All American out of LSU. Returned an interception for a Touchdown in the 2003 Championship Sugarbowl to help the LSU Tigers beat the Oklahoma Sooners. Selected in the first round of the 2005 draft (20th overall) by the Dallas Cowboys. Now entering his third year, Parcells is gone and there is reason for Spears to be excited. Parcells defenses were designed to have the defensive ends hold their positions in order for the linebackers to make plays. Now with Coach Wade Phillips, Spears will get a chance to show off his speed in doing what he does best - get to the quarterback. It should be an exciting year for Spears as he once again anchors a strong young Dallas defense. This is Spear's 2006 helmet that he wore with the Cowboys. All components of this helmet are original, worn by Spears, and consistent with Cowboys game helmets.

Schutt Air Advantage model helmet, painted pro gloss Dallas Blue, in a size Large. This is the Regular helmet that was worn for fourteen regular season games by Dallas in 2006. The helmet comes complete with a Schutt T-RJOP-DW TITANIUM mask as preferred by Spears during his career due to its lightweight design. The mask is attached to the helmet with Schutt Clips on the top and stabilizer clips on the sides. The bottom straps of both stabilizer clips have been cut and removed. Phillips Schutt screws are used to secure the mask. The mask is dated 2006 as are the top clips. The chinstrap is a Riddell hard, DEEP cup in the low mount configuration. The cup has had the Riddell name removed per NFL uniform guidelines, and the Riddell side names have been factory screened in blue as issued to the Cowboys. Screws have been installed in the high mount positions of the helmet to fill in the empty holes. Adams white buckles hold the chinstrap to the helmet in the low positions. An interesting note is that the chinstrap straps have writing on them from Spears, referring to God, Family, and other family members initials.

The decals of the helmet remain intact with no lifting or seperation from the helmet. They are scuffed and scraped and show heavy use. The center stripes are three seperate stripes as preferred by the Cowboys equipment staff. They too have scuffs and scrapes on the front and top. The stripes are trimmed flush with the rear helmet edge, while the blue outside stripes are trimmed at an angle in front to avoid contact with facemask screws. The white center stripe has been reapplied by the team, and trimmed to the name identifier on the rear, consistant with Cowboys helmets. Decals on the rear of the helmet include: Authentic team warning label, American Flag, NFL Shield, as well as SPEARS dymo tape identifier as used by the Cowboys since the 60's. No rear bumper is applied by the Cowboys Equipment Staff to any of their Schutt helmets. Likewise, the Schutt name has been removed from the front bumper of the helmet per NFL uniform guidelines. Inside the helmet is the Schutt Warranty information with 2006 dates indicating a brand new helmet last season. There is also an All American size sticker.

The inside of the helmet is in good condition with significant wear. Worn padding and sweat staining throughout the interior. The facemask has scuffs and scrapes associated with a trench warrior. This helmet displays very well. Sourced directly from the Dallas Cowboys through Game Exclusives. The helmet has a Prova ID tag inside the helmet beneath the padding. The Prova ID tag is placed on the helmet by the Dallas Cowboys when issued to the player. This ID tag verifies that the item is 100% authentic. Prova ID tags are used by the Dallas Cowboys as a way to "electronically fingerprint the item." You can go to their website, type in the tag ID number, and it will give you the history of that helmet including every game that it was used in. If you are unfamiliar with Prova ID tags, you may research them at www.provagroup.com. They are the leaders in the Collectible Identification business.

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"Marcus Spears. Pin your ears back and go get 'em"

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