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Game Used Robert Wilson Miami Dolphins Helmet


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Game Used Robert Wilson Miami Dolphins Helmet

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Robert Wilson. Miami Dolphins fullback. A powerful blocker and special teams superstar. I know - you never heard of him. Come on. He played on the Dolphins from 1994-1996. it doesn't matter that you may not have heard of him. You are a fan, or a helmet collector. If you are a collector, you know how rare Dolphin game used helmets are. They just don't let them out into circulation with the public. In fact, you may never have seen one. If you are a Dolphins fan, this is a must. Pack the bobbleheads up and stuff them into a closet. This is a real rare piece of Dolphin memorabilia - the kind that starts conversations and makes friends jealous. This is the only Dolphins game used helmet that we have had, either for sale or in our personal collections. This is Wilson's Rookie helmet and most likely his only helmet that he wore for the three years that he played for the Dolphins. All components of this helmet are original, worn by Wilson, and consistent with Dolphins game helmets.

Schutt Air Power model helmet, molded white, in a size Large. The helmet comes complete with a Schutt RJOP-DW mask as worn by Wilson through his entire career. There is nothing light about this helmet. In fact, this is probably one of the heaviest helmets that we have. The mask is attached to the helmet with Schutt Clips on the top and white shockblocker clips on the sides. Phillips Schutt screws are used to secure the mask. The helmet was molded and assembled in 1993. The clips and the mask are dated 1994. The chinstrap is an Adams Pro 100 hard cup with the high mount configuration. The straps have had the Adams name removed per NFL uniform guidelines, and Riddell has been screened on all four straps as they did in the early 90's. Metal buckles hold the chinstrap to the helmet in the high and low positions.

The decals of the helmet remain intact with no lifting or seperation from the helmet. They are scuffed and scraped and show light to medium use. The center stripes are one multi-stripe as preferred by the Dolphins equipment staff. They too have scuffs and scrapes on the front and top. A hole was cut in the center stripe to access the bladder valve. The stripes are trimmed flush with the rear helmet edge. Decals on the rear of the helmet include: Authentic team mini-warning label, thin mil NFL Shield, as well as Wilson's #49 in Dolphins font. No rear bumper is applied by the Dolphins Equipment Staff to any of their Schutt helmets. Likewise, the Schutt name has been covered with white vinyl on the front bumper of the helmet per NFL uniform guidelines. Inside the helmet is the Schutt Warning label. In addition the number 58 written in black sharpie. The 1993 helmet may have been issued to another player prior to have been issued to Wilson in 1994.

The inside of the helmet is in good condition with medium wear. Worn padding and sweat staining throughout the interior. The facemask has very slight scuffs but is in excellent condition. This helmet displays very well.

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"Robert Wilson. One nice helmet."

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