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When the Green Bay Packers moved their Hall of Fame into Lambeau Field in 2003, they included in the 25,000 square foot facility, 13 life-size statues of past and present Packer stars.  Visitors can relive the Ice Bowl, hop on a bike between Gilbert Brown and Donald Driver and head to practice, or give Leroy Butler a helping push into the Lambeau stands.  Each of these life-size statues, come complete with it's own custom helmet, identical to the helmet that they wore, or are currently wearing on the field.  Who did the Packers turn to for these helmets?    Who else, Real Stuff Sports. 

Packers Hall of Fame President Mike Gage summed it up best.  "We wanted them (the statues) to be exact in every detail.  I think they (Real Stuff Sports) nailed it."   

For example:  Although painted white, Gilbert's helmet comes complete with triple strap chinstrap, stabilizer facemask clips, dark tinted shield, and all game decals.  Even the size of the helmet is exact - Extra Large to fit Gilbert's oversized melon.  According to Gordon Batty, the Packers Equipment Manager, " is exact." 

Comments from the Hall about the statues continue of the magnificence, to simply "Unbelievable." Here at Real Stuff, we are used to those comments, as they are the same ones used by all of our customers that purchase our custom helmets. 

For us, "If they wear 'em we got 'em" is not just a catchy slogan, it is our way of doing business.