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Beamshot 3000 Super

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REAL STUFF SPORTS is proud to offer our newest line of fine products. Laser Sights from BEAMSHOT. Mountable to virtually any weapon, the BEAMSHOT is a high quality laser sight that projects a small, bright dot directly on the target, making BEAMSHOT the perfect choice for defense, plinking, or as an incomparable training aid. Whether your weapon is an Rifle, Shotgun, Pistol, Bow, or Paintball gun Real Stuff Sports has the Laser Sight System for you. Shop around, you'll be back. At Real Stuff Sports, "Satisfaction in every Transaction," is not just a slogan, but the way we do business.

The BEAMSHOT System allows you to sight and shoot faster and more accurately than other sight systems.
This is what makes BEAMSHOT better.
  • A conveniently placed finger touch pressure switch, with gold plated contacts, that is built to provide over one million reliable activations

  • Windage and elevation adjustments that allow you to zero in the laser specifically to your weapon and shooting style

  • Steel coil springs (not leaf springs) and precision screws firmly hold the laser module maintaining accuracy through repeated powerful weapon recoils

  • A glass lens with an anti-reflective coating to insure superior beam output

  • O-ring sealed to protect the unit from water damage

  • The main body is constructed of high quality durable aircraft aluminum

  • Requires no alteration to your weapon that could void its manufacturer's warranty

  • 1 year limited warranty

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